Fix your headband hang-ups


Ever try to wear a scarf as a headband? But always find that it just won’t stay put? Find out how you can use an old wire hanger to make a headband that will actually stay where you want it to…

And here’s how it’s done, firstly  you’ll need an old wire hanger, and a scarf you wouldn’t mind re-purposing (A pair of pliers might come in handy too if you have some).

How It’s Done

Step 1: To start with you will need to unravel the wire hanger until it’s in one long straight line. This bit could prove tricky depending on how sturdy the hanger you are using is, so this is where your pliers will come in to play.

Step 2: Now your going to need to wrap the the wire around your head and crossing the two ends over each other where they meet at the top. *TOP TIP* Don’t forget to leave about 2 finger spaces gap between the size of the wire loop and your head, Or it might not be too comfortable to wear.

Step 3: Now you’re going to have two really long bits sticking out from your main headband. You can fix this by folding the two lengths of wire back in on themselves to create a kind of triangle shape. You can utilise pliers hear to get the shape you want…And tape is a good idea too to hold the shape of the triangles, and to stop the ends from digging into your head.

Step 4. And now for the easy part. Just wrap your chosen scarf all the way around the metal frame. When you’re done you can sew the ends up for extra security, or just wrap and tuck.

Depending on your finish wrap the triangle ends around each other while it is placed on your head and…

The Finished Product

And Voila! here’s the finished product:


If you want to customise the headband even further, you can experiment with different shapes, such as cat or rabbit ears, or even an over-sized bow. Don’t forget that you can switch up the scarf you use to wrap around the wire base; not feeling that paisley print anymore? Grab another scarf and 5 minutes later you could have a floral or striped headband instead.


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