Put Your Stamp On A Candle Holder

Used a jar of pasta sauce or got to the bottom of the Nutella? Turn your leftover jar into a candle holder or just a useful bit of storage.

Ever find that the jars of food you buy on your weekly shop seem world’s away from the stylish little candle filled glass jars dotted on the tables of restaurants and independent cafes? Well the truth is, they’re really not that different…

Find out how you can turn something you’d usually throw away into something you’ll always want to have on display.


Step 1: Choose a jar! obviously the pretty or unusual shaped jars will look best, but whatever you can get your hands on will do. Unfortunately, before the fun part can begin you’re going to have to spend a bit of time making sure the jar is clean; which means removing the awkward sticky label.


Step 2: You’re also going to need to choose something you’d like to decorate the jar with. We used some stamps from an old book that was being thrown away, but any kind of coloured paper or translucent thin plastic (You know which chocolate wrappers we are taking about) will work well too.

You may also want to grab a paintbrush and some glue at this point.


Step 3: Get painting that glue on!


Step 4: Get creative with placing on those stamps, or bits of paper, or whatever else you’re using.


Step 5: Get a smooth finish by painting a second layer of glue over the top, and hope that said glue dries clear.


Step 6: Keep going! Just make sure you’ve got it all covered, and then leave it to dry…


And here’s the finished jar. Now you may be wondering what you can possibly do with a unique and perfectly decorated jar. Well to give you a hand, we’ve made a list of some of the many ways you can make use of your new jar:

  1. A tealight holder. Just pop a real or battery powered candle into the jar and if you are lucky you’ll get a really pretty kaleidoscopic glow.
  2. Not a candle kind or person? throw some fairylights in instead.
  3. A pen/ pencil pot.
  4. A condiment jar (for when simply putting the ketchup bottle out on the table just isn’t fancy enough)
  5. Take the jar right back to it’s roots and use it to store food. Dried pasta is probably a safe option if you don’t want to risk ruining the outside with messier foods.

So there it is…We’d love to see what variations you come up with and how you use them. Share your jars on social media and tag us!





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