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Welcome to Junk’s Not Dead!

When it comes to old clothes, what do you do with them? Whether you wear them until they are practically falling apart, or throw them away when you spot the next season’s much better version, in reality, a ridiculous amount of clothing is heading to our landfill sites every year. In fact, this ridiculous amount is a crazy £140 million worth. It’s hard to put this into perspective, but this is equivalent to around 3.5 million dresses, or 7 million much-loved jumpers sent straight to the dump!

The problem, however, does not just lie in the clothes we chuck. It’s also in the clothes we keep and never wear. How much of your wardrobe is left to get dusty? The reality is that, on average, 30% of your wardrobe hasn’t been worn in the last year. Why is this? Because it doesn’t fit? Because it’s been replaced with something better? Whatever the reason, why is it sat there, and not being loved by somebody new?!

You may wonder what the world of fashion has to do with sustainability. Well, it’s a lot. Britain has become a ‘throwaway society’. Nearly half of consumers put at least some clothing in the bin every year. That means nearly half of us are unnecessarily exacerbating environmental problems, and most of us aren’t even aware of it. As clothing degraded, the dyes leach out into soils and carbon is released. When you become aware of these issues, it makes you wonder why we don’t simply give our clothes away to those who may need or want them.

In a society where a return to ‘slow fashion’ is unlikely, we need to address this problem.

As Junk’s Not Dead, we’re urging people to recognise the environmental impact behind this incredibly wasteful culture by both informing people of the problem, and bringing them together to share no longer needed items. In an age of ‘fast fashion’ where we are dumping 500,000 tonnes of clothes in landfill every year, we believe it is incredibly important to create a medium where people can share these items, instead of unnecessarily sending them to the tip.

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1 thought on “Welcome to Junk’s Not Dead!”

  1. I like to wear my clothes until they’re completely worn out and then cut them up to use as rags. That way they don’t go to landfill. And I buy all my clothes from charity shops because I like to make use of things people have thrown out 🙂

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