Too many scarfs, and not enough kimonos?

Scarves are such a versatile accessory to have in your wardrobe, from being a light cover up for when it gets chilly to being a statement piece of an outfit, there is no doubt that they are an essential piece that we all can’t do without!

To add to the many ways you can wear your scarf, I’m going to show you how I went about making my very own kimono out of a scarf.


All you need is:

* Approximately 15 minutes

* A long rectangular scarf

* Scissors

* Needle and thread (preferably the same colour as your scarf)

* Tape measure

* A dozen pins for tacking

Whilst there are many ways you can adjust this method to make a kimono which really is truly unique and customised to your own style, I am going to show you a quick and easy way to make it.

First, fold the scarf in half, short sides together, onto a flat surface. Make sure that all 4 corners are lined up neatly and evenly!

Now, place the scarf in front of you vertically, folded edge at the top and the 4 corners closest to you. Measure approximately 3 inches (depending on how wide you want the kimono to be) in from the long edges of the scarf and with the pins, tack a line about half way up the kimono.

This will form the sides and the sleeves of the kimono. You are half way there!

Kimono diagram 1

After threading your needle, stitch up the tacked line on both sides of the scarf. You can use a simple straight stitch for this and don’t worry if it isn’t too neat, it won’t be that noticeable once you are wearing it!

Once you have sewn half way up each side, make sure to securely tie a knot in the thread at the end.

Finally, find the centre of the scarf and cut THE TOP LAYER ONLY of the scarf from top to bottom. Then using a sharp pair of scissors cut in a straight line right up the centre of the scarf.

Kimono diagram 2

And voila! Just like that your scarf in now a wearable item of clothing that can look great on top of pretty much anything!


You can also really make this your own by adding other accessories to it, such as a belt or maybe sew on some ribbon, lace or tassels on the edges.


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