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Let’s Talk About Water

Despite the earth being over 70% water only 0.3% of that is available to be used by humans and even then much of this is hard to reach or polluted. Living in Britain it can be hard to imagine that water shortage could ever be an issue. However it is becoming an increasing issue around… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Water

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We Are Social Media Animals. (And That’s Not A Good Thing.)

Most people today have lost the touch of community. Unlike the olden days, today we hardly see anyone knocking at their new neighbour’s house to say ‘Hello’.

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Welcome to Junk’s Not Dead!

When it comes to old clothes, what do you do with them? Whether you wear them until they are practically falling apart, or throw them away when you spot the next season’s much better version, in reality, a ridiculous amount of clothing is heading to our landfill sites every year.